Why not read what our patients wrote about their ‘Bucklersbury Experience’?

Shakir's Testimonials

Shakir has been my dentist for almost a year now. At my first appointment with him, knowing that there was a deal of work to be done, he and I together agreed priorities and over subsequent appointments Shakir worked his way through these to reach the stage where, following the current course of treatment, the only work remaining will be that which is less urgent.

During this time, I have felt confident in Shakir’s care and, above all, have been impressed by the manner in which he has managed the process so as not to strain my budget whilst ensuring that essential treatment is attended to. I have also been impressed by the time he invests after inserting a filling in ensuring that the filling feels comfortable. I cannot offhand recall ever having had a dentist who takes such care over this.

Finally, Shakir’s ‘bedside’ manner is excellent. He recently saw my teenage daughter, who has a low pain threshold, is nervous of dentists and has not seen one for some time. He quickly gained her confidence and trust such that she was happy to go back to him for two small fillings.

I am happy to commend Shakir’s work.

Mark Devin

I had lower teeth which were, I felt, very crossed over/crooked. Shakir talked me through my options and gave me an idea of timings and what the brace would look/feel like. Having never had a brace before, I found this consultation process extremely useful.

There are quite a few appointments involved, from fitting to wire tightening and so on but I never minded because Shakir always made the appointments go so quickly! I found the explanations as we went along with the treatment very useful and they made me less nervous. I thought the amount of check-ups I had throughout my brace treatment which were included in the flat price were very good value. At the end of the eight months it took to straighten my teeth I am extremely pleased with the results and would definitely recommend Shakir wholeheartedly.


My experience has been fantastic! I have recently had a number of fillings, all of which have been fixed with no problems. I was very impressed with the high level of service I have received and the personal touch that is offered. It is very reassuring! Compared with my previous dentist, the service and workmanship is so much better!

Samantha Fairweather

The service I received was excellent. Everything was explained to me in detail and many options were discussed before any treatment was carried out. During my treatment Shakir and his staff discussed with me what was happening at each step - this helped to keep me calm and relaxed. My mum who accompanied me to the surgery was also well looked after while she waited.

Laura Kedge

I have recently needed repair work and replacement teeth and subsequently have needed to make frequent visits to the practice. I have received an excellent standard of treatment, advice and customer care and would recommend the services available. I am really pleased with the levels of knowledge and skill and with all of the information provided before and after treatment. My experiences have been painless and I have received a thorough and very professional level of care.


As someone who had not had the courage to visit the dentist for many years, a recommendation persuaded me to visit.

Over five visits, which included the replacement of fillings and the insertion of two inlays, I was put completely at ease by the care and professionalism of all who helped me.

At every stage I was provided with my options in an easy to understand way and every care was taken to ensure my comfort and ease throughout the treatment.

An excellent service produced an excellent result.


Nafisa's Testimonials

I came here with bleeding gums, bad breath - you name it! Nafisa has transformed my whole set of "piano keys" and I have been highly impressed with her professionalism and, may I say, her kind words to allay my fears during those dreadful injections. Bless you so much.


I value my three-monthly hygienist appointments and respond better to encouragement rather than tooth-sucking reprimand. I do prefer to see the same hygienist and build on a continuous relationship of care. Nafisa has a pleasant, reassuring manner and a delicate touch. I feel looked after and optimistic that I can maintain good oral hygiene.

Belinda Ross

I can only compare to my previous dentistry experiences, and in this I have nothing but praise. She has a very light and gentle touch, and so there is no discomfort through the process. The explanations as to proper hygiene habits are also clear, and tailored to my experience.

GB Christianson

I have had a number of hygiene appointments with Nafisa and these have always been pleasant experiences (at least as pleasant as is possible!). Nafisa is patient, helpful and pleasant in appointments, and gives good, un-rushed advice.


Nafisa has been treating me for about a year. She is friendly and professional. She explains everything in clear terms, answers questions fully and is encouraging, which is very important.

Patricia Campbell


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