The Inman Aligner is a removable dental appliance which can straighten teeth in a matter of weeks. It is a true representation of modern orthodontics and uses the latest technology and design features to move teeth quickly and without any pain.

About the Inman Aligner

The removable orthodontic appliance aligns teeth by using forces generated by a coiled spring and a metal bar. These forces move the teeth into position in order to create a healthy, straight smile.

The treatment is designed for patients with minor or moderate orthodontic cases. It focuses on the teeth that are visible when smiling and produces results in a matter of weeks. Treatment is usually complete within 16 weeks and so this is a perfect solution for people who want fast results.

Am I a suitable candidate?

We will assess if you are a suitable candidate during a consultation. If you are found not to be a suitable candidate there is no need to worry. We offer a wide range of treatments at Bucklersbury Dental Studio and are always happy to discuss other treatment options.

The Inman Aligner is designed for patients who have minor orthodontic problems, such as mild crowing or crooked front teeth, and can be used to treat the upper and lower arches. If you require greater levels of movement we can recommend alternative treatments.

Why should I choose the Inman Aligner?

There are a range of benefits for patients of all ages. As well as being an effective treatment for patients who have untreated orthodontic problems, the brace can also be a useful treatment for patients who have had treatment in the past and suffered a relapse.

The treatment works quickly and the results are usually visible within weeks. The treatment procedure is simple, the appliance is painless and discreet, and you will have the freedom to remove the aligner when needed.

If you want to know more about the Inman Aligner, please contact our team today to organise a consultation.


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