You may be surprised at some of the facts about gum (periodontal) disease. For example did you know?

  • Gum disease is extremely common and affects three out of every four adults over the age of 35 in the UK.
  • The main symptoms of gum disease are sore, bleeding gums during tooth brushing.
  • Gum disease, not tooth decay, is the biggest cause of tooth loss.
  • Gum disease isn’t just something that happens later in life - more than half of teenagers have some form of gum disease.
  • Smoking causes 50% of all cases of periodontal disease in the UK.

Hygienist Services

Bacteria can cause inflammation, gum disease, infections and bad breath. Teeth can have build-up known as tartar, which needs to be professionally cleaned. We encourage better oral health by offering you the services of our caring hygienist.

The hygienist will help educate you about the disease process in a friendly, positive and non-patronising way. By understanding your disease process, you are better equipped to take full control of your condition and aim to keep your teeth for life.

We believe that those with lots of fillings or dental work should have regular maintenance appointments with the hygienist. This helps prevent gum disease, tooth decay or failing dental work. It also helps pick up problems early so issues can be resolved fast, without the need for invasive and more costly procedures.


Bad Breath/Halitosis

Bad breath or halitosis is very common. Bacteria from the mouth let off smells that cause bad breath or halitosis. The most common causes are diet, smoking and poor oral hygiene.

We can look at your diet and help you improve it, give you smoking cessation advice and, of course, carry out periodontal (gum) therapy and advise on improving home care.


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