At Bucklersbury Dental Studio we are experienced to provide gum lift treatment for patients who are concerned about their gums showing up too much in their smiles, or when the gums do not recede after permanent teeth erupts. A gum lift is a dental procedure that is done to reshape the gums to provide a more pleasing smile.

Having a ‘gummy’ smile can cause a person to be very self-conscious about their appearance. It is simply a cosmetic procedure to improve the appearance and self-confidence. Gum lifts are normally only done on the front teeth as these are the ones that are most visible when a person smiles.

In the past, a gum lift was a painful dental procedure which involved cutting the gums, stitching it and weeks of recovery. It is now done with advanced lasers by experienced dentists and recovery after treatment is minimal. With the latest techniques in facial aesthetics, a small amount of anti wrinkle injections®could also solve this problem.

Our experienced cosmetic dentists will guide you on the best cause of treatment following a detailed assessment.


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